The Next10x Digital Marketing Conference 2019 was held on May 2 in Boston.

The Stone Temple blog contributor Eric Enge has shared key takeaways for the marketers from this conference.

Talking about the tops SEO opportunities, Enge says, “SEO is about giving Google what they want — a great user experience based on intent. Our learnings from the algorithm updates show that consistent updates raise the rankings of sites that meet user intent. It’s in our interest as publishers to align with Google’s goals. As a result, here are the five biggest opportunities for SEO in 2019.

  • High-quality content – Google recognizes that user needs are complex and unique to each use, and its algorithm updates are focused on surfacing sites that offer a depth and breadth of content likely to satisfy those needs. In short, publishing high volumes of content (when compared to competition) can cause your organic search traffic to soar.
  • Promote content effectively – You can have the world’s greatest web site, but you won’t get much traffic if no one knows about it”.

Top Takeaways from Next10x Digital Marketing Conference 2019

Stone Temple

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