Blogging is one of the most successful ways to get more customers. Carefully crafted blog posts allow you to stay connected with your audience.

The Monster Insights contributor Shahzad Saeed has shared some useful tips on creating excellent blog posts using Google Analytics.

Saeed says, “Are you brainstorming blog post ideas? Your Google Analytics traffic reports are great sources of inspiration to find new blog post ideas. In this article, we’ll show you how to get brilliant blog post ideas from Google Analytics.

1. Search Console Report

The Search Console report in Google Analytics shows you the actual search queries used in Google search to find your website. This means that they are the search terms that triggered impressions and clicks for your site.

By analyzing the search queries report, you can get insights about the exact intention of your audience when they land on your site.

In order to view your search console reports in Google Analytics, you’ll need to integrate your Google Analytics account with your Search Console account first”.

How to Get Brilliant Blog Post Ideas From Google Analytics

Monster Insights

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