Bryan Winters. has just released his new e-commerce platform called ShopMonopoly.

Bryan created a case study where he shows $600.00 being made in under 24 hours with his first ShopMonopoly ecom store.

This is the first tool giving you everything you need to launch your own professional (you will be surprised at how professional they look) stores in as little as 20 minutes each.

The best part is the ongoing cost to operate your store. Unlike Wish, Etsy, etc., ShopMonopoly doesn’t charge a commission fee when you sell something. That’s right, you pay no fees on your sales.

That’s a great boost to your revenue. You keep all your profit from each sale.

Most people fail online. They either can’t afford to pay for traffic, or they don’t put in the effort required to get free traffic. Or, maybe the traffic they get isn’t interested in buying.

Once ShopMonopoly has built your store, it takes care of your traffic problem for you.

Winters has a patent pending on this ecom store building technology. His process is centered around a simple 3-pronged free traffic system. This approach offers free traffic to all your ecom stores.

With Winters’s help, IM NewsWatch has arranged a collection of bonuses that you will find are aids to your store success.

Click here to see our bonuses, to see the whole story about this new software, and to launch your first store in as little as 20 minutes: ShopMonopoly.

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