Whether you invested in the original Affiliate Bots or not, you will want to check out the new 2.0 version, now called Affiliate Video Bots, because of the new added tools that help with video.

Top affiliate marketers (not typical, of course) can make impressive commissions from promoting the products of other people. That’s why (if you’re like me) you receive up to a hundred emails (sometimes more) from various affiliates promoting a new launch. They know there’s big opportunity in being an affiliate if you do it consistently and use good judgment and good techniques to do your promotion.

Rich Williams and the team analyzed, deconstructed and documented what they call their “million dollar affiliate formula.”

What’s more, they completely automated the process, including 37 software tools created by the team in the last few months. Some were in the original Affiliate Bots package, but there are several new ones, as well, including for the first time, tools to assist in video marketing: 37 tools in all.

This system can be used to sell almost anything as an affiliate, regardless of the affiliate platform.

You can use Affiliate Video Bots to do things like:
• Create world-class, Hollywood-style videos
• Discover the top 100 ClickBank programs (updated daily)
• Get free video traffic with YouTube and Google
• Discover the $10,000/day JVZoo products
• Create “million dollar” sales letters
• Split-test 2,000 ClickBank banners on your sites to see which sell best
• Get 700k traffic opportunities from the Alexa 100k sites
• Improve the conversions of any website with 10 included “widgets”
• Predict six-figure launches, weeks in advance
• Profit with the biggest web hosting programs online
• Build your list and bring in lots of targeted leads
• Predict the most profitable affiliate campaigns

With Affiliate Video Bots, you have a toolkit for automating your affiliate marketing in 2019 and beyond.

The creators have built a sales process in which the price rises daily. If you need software to accelerate your marketing, check out this new toolkit here: Affiliate Video Bots

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