In the world of social media you need to be careful about your online reputation as it plays a pivotal role in your business growth.

The Search Engine Journal contributor Pierre Zarokian has shared seven expert tips to help marketers protect their online reputation.

Zarokian says, “Recent changes to Google’s algorithm (which we think occurred in September 2018) have pushed some complaint sites lower in search ranking. Read my prior article for more details about this.

Tip 1: Provide Excellent Service

You want to make sure that you really are providing an excellent service to avoid getting negative reviews in the first place. Consider going above and beyond your current efforts.

For example, if you run a restaurant, maybe provide a free appetizer to surprise new or returning customers.

If you notice even the slightest sign that a customer is unhappy, try your best to resolve the issue ASAP. The next best thing is to offer a free service or refunds to make up for the issue”.

7 Expert Tips to Protect Your Online Reputation

Search Engine Journal

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