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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Five Ways to Improve Your Search Marketing Campaigns

Well planned search engine marketing campaigns help you to score higher in the search engine results and make most from your campaign investments. The Microsoft Advertising blog contributor Stein Broeder has shared five tactics that can help you to get maximum ROI from your search marketing campaigns. Broeder says, “Here are five pro tactics for combining search and native to engage consumers and amplify campaign impact: 1. Increase audience targeting precision Reduce wasted clicks and impressions by reaching the right audience from the start. Leverage data around brand preference,... [...]

Find Out the SEO Tactics that Work Now

The better Search Engine Optimization performance depends on your alertness on coping with the search engine algorithm changes. The HigherVisibility contributor Scott Langdon has shared an article highlighting the latest and most current SEO tactics that work in 2019. Langdon says, “SEO is more than a marketing fad. It is a necessity for online exposure in 2019. It is through search engine optimization that you stay competitive within your industry. There is a constant struggle for SEO supremacy. But the means by which you reach the peak of the search engine mountain varies year by year. If... [...]

Are You Making These Google Advertising Mistakes?

When it comes to online advertising, the Google’s advertising programs score high and so most businesses use its advertising solutions. Since it is one of the most commonly used ad solution, there are common mistakes too that the users make. The Hallam contributor Pete Keyworth has shared seven common mistakes that people make while using Google Ads. Keyworth says, “Setting up a Google Ads account and starting to advertise is relatively straightforward, but much more difficult to master. Even with experience, mistakes can be made and achieving a great return on your ad... [...]

TubeTarget: Buyer Traffic from YouTube for Pennies #ad

It is no secret that presenting your advertisement to people who need the solution you are promoting is critical to your sales. But there is a second half of this success formula: not wasting money presenting your offer to people who won’t buy. That just increases your costs and reduces your profit. When you spend money on ads, typically with a cost per person who either views the ad or who clicks on the ad, you only want to show the ad to people likely to buy. Getting views or clicks from other people costs you money that is subtracted from your sales to calculate profit. Wasted clicks... [...]

The Essential Email Marketing Software For Freelancers [Podcast]

Brian Clark has published a new podcast on ‘Unemployable’. The podcast is titled ‘The Essential Email Marketing Software For Freelancers’ and it aims at advising marketers on choosing right email marketing software. Clark says, “Email marketing is (still!) a powerful tool that can help you launch your next product or find your next big client. Whatever your goals are, having a solid email strategy is a worthwhile investment and can make a positive impact on your business. Why? Because email provides you the most direct line of communication with prospective clients.... [...]

‘Top 10 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Hacks of 2019’ Webinar June 6 [Webinar]

The MobileMonkey team is hosting a webinar on ‘Top 10 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Hacks of 2019’ on Thursday, June 6 at 1.00 PM EDT. Attend this training to learn the following: How to build uber-engaging Facebook Messenger blasts that get 70% open rates How to create drip automation for Messenger chat that gets 20% click-through rates How to massively grow your Facebook Messenger list and lead volume How to design a simple website chatbot that can increase conversions +50% How to use the new click-to-Messenger Ad format to decrease Facebook Ad costs and increase Facebook Ad lead... [...]

6-Steps to Build Email List with Your Blog

To expand the reach of your blog it is important to know your visitors and make them permanent member of your community. The QuickSprout team has published an article highlighting six steps to build an email list with your blog. Read this article to learn and create your own email list. The QuickSprout team says, “Here’s something else to consider. 99% of people with email account check their messages on a daily basis. 73% of Millennials say that email is their preferred method of communication from businesses. Simply put, email marketing works. But before you can benefit from... [...]

ConnectAutomate: The secret to successful FB ads #ad

Wilco de Kreij has just released ConnectAutomate. This is a new tool designed to help you get better results with your Facebook Ads. It does this by automatically turning your best posts into optimized ads, automatically. This tool can be used in many powerful ways. For example, you can use it to give your Facebook posts the exposure it deserves. A second way would be to can use it to create high-return campaigns by creating Facebook audiences that are ready to buy. Here’s the problem with Facebook marketing today: running Facebook ads is not what it used to be. Their click-through rates... [...]

Three Steps to Grow Your Organic Traffic

It is a challenge to continuously get flow of traffic to your websites. Search engines are the biggest source traffic and use them to get paid and organic traffic. The Cognitive SEO contributor Andreea Sauciuc has shared a three step article to guide you on increasing your organic traffic from Bing. Sauciuc says, “The biggest restaurant isn’t the only choice in town. In searches, it is like every other place. For buying clothing or groceries you don’t go only to the big store, you also try the small shops, right? The same thing can happen when users look for something on the search engines;... [...]

How To Start An Email Marketing Business [Video]

John Chow has published a video to guide people who are interested in starting an email marketing business. Watch this video to get basic information on getting into email marketing domain. Chow says, “In this video, I show you how to start a profitable email marketing business. Why an email marketing business? Because the money is still in the list”. Watch the video on following page. How To Start An Email Marketing Business  [...]

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