Today, Sketch Maker Pro is being released. This is a video development tool that can simplify your work beyond your expectations.

With this new software you can create whiteboard videos in about 10 minutes.

This is SAAS software. There’s nothing to download or set up. You just open your browser, login and start creating lively videos.

In your videos, you have the option to add your own images, write your own text, add backgrounds, and more.

Second, besides the easy visual creation, Sketch Maker Pro lets you add an audio track from:
► A voice file you had created by an announcer on Fiverr or elsewhere
► Your microphone
► One of the many built-in computer-generated voices that are built in to the software

We were surprised at the quality of the computer-generated text-to-speech voices included. There have been a lot of improvements in this technology in recent years.

This is a product usable around the world because of the variety of text-to-speech languages and voices supported: 28 Voices in 11 Languages:
• United States English voices (2 Female + 2 Male)
• UK English Voices(2 Female + 2 Male)
• Australian English Voices (2 Female + 2 Male)
• Spanish Female Voice
• Portuguese (Brazil)
• French Voices (2 Female + 2 Male)
• French (Canada) Voices (1 Female + 2 Male)
• Italian Female Voice
• German Voices (1 Female + 1 Male)
• Dutch Female Voice
• Swedish Female Voice
• Turkish Female Voice
• Japanese Female Voice
• Korean Female Voice

Watch this Youtube example created with Sketch Maker Pro. Listen to the speech quality.

Today there is an Early Bird offer (valid 10 AM – 5 PM EDT). You can use the following discount code to get 5% off on the main product: smp5

Go here for your own access at 10 AM: Sketch Maker Pro.

Remember, if you act before 5 PM, you can get 5% discount by using the code smp5.

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