Many local businesses aren’t taking advantage of the power of Facebook for reaching nearly everyone they want to sell to. That power has many nuances, from
► individual posts that mention the company, to
► purchased ads, to
► groups tailored for people who like a company’s products, to
► tracking pixels that show your ads repeatedly.

This last feature is particularly powerful. It lets a company get its ad in front of potential customers over and over again. That’s where new software can help a marketing consultant.

Pixel Scout was just released, and it’s being received well by marketing consultants who serve local businesses with internet services.

If you want to sell marketing services to local businesses, here’ a way to get your foot in the door.

Pixel Scout automates the work of finding and selling to clients that need to take advantage of the Facebook pixel:
1. It will search for small businesses in any niche in any country to see if they are using a Facebook Pixel and running FB ads.
2. It will automatically generate a personalized, interactive report for each business and send it. The report can do the selling & close the deal using built-in “fill in the blank” email templates.
3. It will, under your direction, deliver the service, and will do it with only a few minutes of your time.

This might be the start of a lucrative long-term relationship with the customer that provides recurring revenue.

Completely eliminate the need for cold calling and direct selling.

How satisfying it will be to not waste your time on rejection by uninterested clients. Check out this new consultant’s software here: Pixel Scout.

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