Your website’s speed plays a crucial role in retaining the visitors and increasing the site traffic. Slow loading web pages cause decrease in your website’s traffic.

The MOZ contributor Patrick Curtis has shared a 12-step guide to help marketers and webmasters improve page speed.

Curtis says, “Before we jump into specific steps that can help you speed up your backend, it might help to review what we mean by “backend”. You can think of the backend of everything that goes into storing data, including the database itself and the servers — basically anything that helps make the website function that you don’t visually interact with. For more information on the difference between the backend vs. frontend, you read this article

Step 1: Make sure you have a Reverse Proxy configured

This is an important first step. For Wall Street Oasis (WSO), we use a reverse proxy called Varnish. It is by far the most critical and fastest layer of cache and serves the majority of the anonymous traffic (visitors logged out). Varnish caches the whole page in memory, so returning it to the visitor is lightning fast”.

12 Steps to Lightning Page Speed


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