The PPC Hero contributor Max Serrato has shared an article highlighting the impact of Google Recommendations on your paid search strategy.

Serrato says, “Collecting data, recognizing the trends for optimization and other paid search strategy efforts often do not come as quickly as we’d like. The problem? As digital marketers, time is not always on our side. We are expected to bring in results in a timely manner but some factors are slightly out of our control.

Cue in Google, who offers time-saving options, courtesy of their massive amounts of data. But do these options actually improve our campaigns?

Here are some experiences I’ve seen during my time working with various Google Ad accounts at Directive, a search marketing agency focused on B2B and enterprise. Let’s break them down together.

Targeting Tools

Setting up proper targeting is a crucial paid search strategy for your Google Ads campaigns. With search, you can control targeting through keywords you bid on as well as the match types you utilize”.

Google Recommendations: Are they Helping or Hurting my Paid Search Strategy?

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