Your website’s landing page serves the entry point for your visitors. With right strategies you can use your landing page for lead generation.

The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Robert W. Bly has shared 10 tips to convert more prospects with well-designed landing pages.

Bly says, “Here are a few suggestions for sharpening up your landing page content to increase conversion rates:

1. Build credibility early

People have always been skeptical of advertising, and with the proliferation of spam and shady operators, they’re even more skeptical of what they read online. Therefore, your landing-page copy must immediately overcome that skepticism.

One way to do that is to make sure you clearly display one or more credibility builders on the first screen visitors see. In the banner at the top of the page, use your logo and company name. Within or immediately under the banner, put a strong testimonial or three above the headline on the first screen. Consider adding a prehead or subhead that summarizes your company’s mission statement or credentials.

2. Capture the email addresses of nonbuyers

There are a number of ways to capture the email addresses of visitors who come to your landing page but don’t buy the product. One is to use a window offering a free report or online course in exchange for their email address”.

10 Tips for Creating Landing Pages That Convert the Most Prospects


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