Brian Clarke has published a new episode of his ‘Unemployable’ podcast featuring Seth Godin talking about the future of marketing.

Here are just a few of the highlights from this episode:

  • Is “permission marketing” still the core of what makes marketing work?
  • The enduring power of being human and connecting with other humans.
  • Why consistency is more powerful (and scalable) than authenticity.
  • Why being a better marketer is more about making a conceptual shift than a tactical one.
  • What “status roles” are and why understanding this concept is so important for understanding how humans make decisions.
  • What Seth means when he says, “Most people prefer the blamelessness of I’m for everyone than the responsibility of I’m for someone.”
  • Why automation and AI will not create, but continue, the long-standing trend of technology replacing jobs that don’t require a human touch.

Listen to the podcast on following page.

Seth Godin on the Future of Marketing


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