Getting high search engine ranking is a mission of every brand. But what happens if your site has been listed at lower positions? Don’t you get visitors?

To answer these questions, the Ahrefs contributor Tim Soulo conducted an experiment on the impact of securing lower rankings in search engines against your rivals. Soulo has also shared three tips to win the search audience with great content.

Talking about his study, Soulo says, “Everybody wants to rank number one, but is this really the right goal to pursue? Our study of 100k keywords says not always.

I haven’t done any client SEO work for many years, but I’m sure the gist is much the same as it was 5–10 years ago:Can you rank my website #1 in Google for these keywords? How long will it take? How much will it cost?

Nothing is wrong with any of those questions, but they do demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of how SEO works in 2019. Why? Because ranking #1 doesn’t always equate to SEO success.

The amount of traffic (that drives sales and conversions) is what really matters.

If you’re tired of explaining this to clients, then you’ll love the results of this study”.

Ranking #1 on Google Is Overrated (Ahrefs’ Study of 100k Keywords)


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