The core objective of content creation is to strengthen your business and grow sales. A well-planned content strategy can help you convince your prospects to become customers.

The contributor Dean Mackenzie has shared five conversation copywriting techniques for making more sales using content.

Mackenzie says, “Blog posts often get written just for SEO. eBooks and reports are mainstays of lead generation. Videos today are the “in thing” due to the engagement they get.

And yet, we don’t create this content for the likes, views, shares or “gosh, that was amazing” emails. Content ultimately comes back to one thing: helping customers find you, then trust you… so they can buy from you.

And on face value, us folk in the marketing world generally agree about that. We know a blog post isn’t going to get the cash register ringing, but it’s an important step to attracting an audience down the funnel, into the flywheel or whatever customer journey model you subscribe to”.

5 Conversion Copywriting Tactics That Turn Your Content Into a “Selling Machine”

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