New video creation software, Create by Vidello, offers you seamless video recording, fast ‘drag & drop’ editing, pixel perfect video publishing (even 4K resolution).

In fact, the new capabilities are breath-taking. Take a look (yeah, there’s a lot to read, but at least glance at this list) for this new desktop app that is fully compatible with both Mac OS & Windows:

► A full feature drag and drop timeline editor. Make cuts, resize duration by dragging, move media onto different tracks, add new tracks, zoom in and out of timeline, lock media, hide media, delete media.
► A screen recorder – Record whole desktop, or select area of the screen with drag and drop editor, or use quick presets.
► A webcam recorder – Select the webcam device and record.
► An audio recorder – Choose microphone.
► You can add shapes, text with gorgeous presets
► Included are 100+ looping animated & static emojis
► Also included are 100s of gorgeous icons
► In addition, 30 premium audio backing tracks are also included
► Pixel perfect export of your videos in full HD 1080p and even up to 4k!
► You can export and publish your videos to YouTube and Vidello.
► Easy import any kind of media, video, images, audio. (by the way, it also converts MOV to mp4.)
► Flexible media settings – Opacity, one click align, one click scale to the canvas area
► Professional fade in and out transitions, fade audio in and out.
► You can resize your canvas – Adjust canvas area for whatever type of video you want to create. Perfect for “square” Instagram & FB timeline videos or just resizing to 1280p for YouTube or even 4k!
► Canvas area guidelines, grab and move, zoom in and out of canvas with scroller or manually select zoom percentage, mask media on canvas for real video preview.
► You can easily save projects
► Your work is made easier by a collection of keyboard shortcuts – Delete, Copy/Paste, grab canvas, duplicate, move position using arrows, cut media.

When you think of this powerful list of capabilities, do you agree that Create by Vidello is the easiest video editor for video creation and editing? If you aren’t convinced yet, take a look at this demo: Create by Vidello Demo.

We have two important additional news tidbits to share:
1. We have a coupon good only today “Create10”, saving you $10. (When we bought, it was already applied.) But it expires at midnight.
2. We have a collection of bonuses that will make your use of Create by Vidello easier and more (I have to pick a word, here) “comprehensive”, since they help you to use it better.

You can get the whole story here: Create by Vidello.

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