To be a success in your marketing, you need to be able to present your ideas in an engaging, memorable way.

Prezi is an online tool for creating presentations. It has been around for 18 year, but somehow it has escaped the notice of many of our readers. It has multiple usage plans, starting at $7 per month (with a free trial).

This tool has a number of capabilities that make presentations easier for the audience to get engaged in. Prezi presentations can hold people’s attention and help them to remember what you say.

Like all powerful tools, it has capabilities the typical user may never notice. That leaves some of its persuasive power untapped. Jason Oickle recognized the power of Prezi and realized that with good training, a lot of online marketers would benefit from the power of Prezi, so he created EZ Engaging Videos, a collection of 9 videos that show you the “nuts and bolts” of this presentation engine.

This video tutorial takes you by the hand as you watch over Oickle’s shoulder as he delivers step by step directions to design your own Prezi presentation from scratch. He shows you tips, tricks in comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow, lessons.

No experience is required. EZ Engaging Videos takes you from the beginning, with baby steps, to where you need to be to present your ideas (you do need ideas; Prezi can’t create content; it can only present it) with panache.

And, as an extra benefit, besides learning from this training, Oickle invites you to sell it other business people who need to improve their own presentation.

Get all the facts here: EZ Engaging Videos.

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