AdWeek is hosting a webinar on ‘Invest in Lasting Influencer Relationships’ on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 1.00 pm ET.

The AdWeek team says, “Influencer marketing is projected to hit over $10 billion in brand spend by the year 2020. As the playing field shifts due to social media algorithms, the rise of microinfluencers (and nanoinfluencers) and new regulations, it’s more important than ever for brands to build long-standing relationships with a trusted influencer network. But what does this look like? And how do you make it happen

Experts Jeff Barrett and Ian Gertler will explore all things influencer marketing – from building relationships with nanoinfluencers and celebrities to identifying influencers who might exist within your own company. You’ll find out:

  • The foundation of a successful influencer strategy
  • The common challenges marketers face in their influencer efforts
  • What it takes to build and maintain effective long-term influencer relationships”.

Invest in Lasting Influencer Relationships


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