In the age of Amazon starting an online business is really easy. But what is that can bring you success? The ecommerce platforms are ready for you but you need to choose the right product to sell.

HubSpot’s Caroline Forsey has shared five ways to help you decide what to sell on Amazon.

Forsey says, “With nearly 50% of U.S. internet users starting their product searches on Amazon in 2018 (compared to just 35% who started on Google), it’s no wonder you want to sell a product on one of the internet’s most profitable sites.

But the wide assortment of products available on Amazon likely makes you apprehensive. Amazon sells over 12 million products — which products in particular are most likely to provide you with a high ROI? Clothing? Kitchen items? Cat-shaped socks … ?

Fortunately, choosing what to sell on Amazon, and how to sell it, isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, most of your research can be done for free on the site itself”.

5 Ways to Figure Out What to Sell on Amazon


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