Jay Baer (Convince & Convert) amd Adam Brown (Salesforce) have published a new SocialPro podcast episode with Lisa Blackshear, Sr. Vice President of Communications, Digital Media at Comcast .

In this episode they discuss how Comcast maintains interaction with its customers which helps it significantly grow the business.

They have covered the following poins in the podcast:

  • How Comcast scaled up its social care team to over 400 agents.
  • How customer expectations have evolved with social engagement.
  • How the social care team at Comcast adapts to their customer’s tone to interact on a more personal level.
  • How to coordinate multiple touchpoints with customers from a customer care standpoint.
  • How to utilize insights gained from customer interactions.
  • How to coordinate between the social care team, communications/PR, and branding.

Listen to the full podcast episode by following the link given below.

How Comcast Interacts With Customers on Social Media 6 Million Times Each Year

Convince & Convert

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