Graphics are very important for making your content presentable. Pictures that sync with the ideation of your content help you easily and closely connect with the audiences.

The Search Engine Journal contributor Brad Smith has shared four ways to help you choose right images for your next blog post.

Smith says, “Before starting to add images to your next post, first consider your target audience in detail to understand what they expect, want, and what can be directly applied in their day-to-day as efficiently as possible.

Now, let’s go over some surefire ways to pick memorable images for your next post.

1. Avoid Stock Photos in Body Content

Stock photos can feel magical at first:

Precreated, crystal clear, high-quality images that fit almost any topic and search query. But when it comes to aiding your body content in a post, stock photos suck big time”.

How to Pick Memorable Images for Your Content

Search Engine Journal

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