Your email marketing success depends on the response you get from the subscribers. It is important to achieve higher email open rates to get ROI from your campaigns.

AWeber contributor Lauren Willard has shared an article highlighting the ways to get better email open rates using email preheaders.

Willards says, “Below are four ways to write an email preheader that will skyrocket your open rates. 

#1: Sum up the content inside

Add more context to your subject line with your preheader text. In it, give a short summary of what the reader can expect to find inside the message. This may further entice your subscriber to click on the message so they can read the full content.

Example: Google Home

Subject line: Lauren, welcome to your Google Home Mini

Email preheader: 3 ways to get the most out of your new Mini

#2: Request an action

Use the email preheader to make your readers take an action. Tell them what you want them to do”.

How to Get Better Open Rates with Email Preheaders


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