Today is your final chance to get ChatterPal at the introductory price. (Actually, thr price has risen a bit, bit it i still a one-time fee, not a monthly subscription).

As we reported, within the first 8 hours, over 10,000 copies were sold to marketers who knew the value tht talking autobots ho could speak 27 languages could bring to any online marketing project.

Marketers and business owners around the world have begun using ChatterPal to do things like:
• Grow their email email list,
• Get more sales
• Boost conversions and
• Drive more results

Paul Ponna has kept the introductory pricing live for a week, now, but the end comes at midnight.

And on this final day, he plans to raise the price a bit every 4 hours, so there is more than the midnight deadline to think about.
(But the good news is that you can use Coupon “DEALPAL” for Special Discount, giving you a bargain price.)

Just to fill you in on some of the details, ChatterPal is a revolutionary new technology designed to boost sales, leads and results using a collection of industry leading features and artificial intelligence.

Besides using it in your own business, you license allows you to use the built-in “done-for-you” niche templates to create and sell ChatterPals to your client for an additional revenue stream.

So to summarize, you are getting access to never-seen-before features
and technologies without any monthly fees:
► Unlimited Text-to-Speech
► Unlimited Google Cloud Hosting
► Unlimited Commercial License
► Unlimited SMART Chat Funnels & Chat Flows
► Unlimited One-click Translation

Don’t worry if you aren’t a video expert; you are getting complete step-by-step instructions on building your autobots.

Our readers get a collection of bonuses that will enhance your ability to get the most out of ChatterPal.
Get all the details on this cutting edge chatbot software and see all our bonuses here (and don’t forget to use thr coupon code DEALPAL for your special discount): ChatterPal Bonus.

To get your bonuses, email your receipt to [email protected] with the title “BONUS REQUEST”, and they will send you the download information.

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