In just 9 hours, on grand opening day, over 4,000 copies of the new ChatterPal software have been bought. Clearly, small business marketers are realizing the value of having talking avatars in their marketing.

ChatterPal leverages the power of “artificial intelligence” to boost conversions, sales and leads on any website faster than ever before!

It merges “3D Animation” and “Smart Chat Automation” to give you results like this:
► Boost conversions, sales and results on your website.
► Build your email list without requiring optin-forms or landing pages.
► Increase customer satisfaction
► Drive repeated sales

And it does all this while reducing your ad expenses and saving you time and money.

With ChatterPal, your included commercial license lets you create SMART chat agents for other businesses. Think of the possibilities of selling on Fiverr or other freelancing sites.

You are getting unlimited access for yourself and your clients.

You can create avatars speaking any of 27 languages. And they interact with your visitors.

One more thing, Paul Ponna has agreed that we may give our readers some valuable bonuses when they invest in this new technology. You will see them here: ChatterPal Bonus.

To get your bonuses, email your receipt to [email protected] with the title “BONUS REQUEST”, and they will send you the download information.

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