The Google Lens, Pinterest Lens and Bing Visual Search are the leading examples of visual search which is considered to be the in thing now.

The visual search technology lets you search the Internet using real-world images like photos or screenshots.

The Yoast columnist Edwin Toonen has shared comprehensive article highlighting the future of visual search.

Person Holding White Tablet Beside White Ceramic Mug

Talking about the adaptation of the visual search, Toonen says, “Research shows consumers are very interested in using visual search as part of their shopping experience. What’s more, a recent Sparktoro article uncovered that Google Images is the second largest player in the search engine market with 21% of searches starting there. Images are here to stay.

Today, people are taking pictures of everything, not just beautiful sceneries or mementos of their adventures, but stuff they need to remember or tasks they need to do. Visual search will increasingly help turn those images into actual tasks. Take a photo of a business card and automatically add the contact details to my address book. Or take a photo of my written shopping list and add the items to the shopping cart of my favorite supermarket. Everything is possible”.

Visual search: The future is now


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