With its rising popularity and dominance video is an essential tool to give an edge to your marketing efforts. A well-planned video with quality production can prove to be very useful in getting more sales done.

HubSpot contributor Clifford Chi has shared three ways to help you speed up your video.

Chi says, “If you’re a video editor, you know that one of the most common and effective transitions when creating videos is shooting a clip in slow motion, and then speeding up the ending during post-production. To show you how to do this, we’ve put together a guide that fleshes out three easy ways you can speed up a video and, in turn, craft engaging transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro.

1. Use the Speed/Duration command in Adobe Premiere Pro.

If you want to use the Speed/Duration command in Adobe Premiere Pro to speed up one of your videos, follow the instructions below.

  • In your Timeline Panel or Project Panel, select one or multiple clips”.

3 Easy Ways You Can Speed Up a Video


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