To keep your readers coming back to your blog you need to keep it fresh in both the ways – its design and the content.

It is a difficult task to continuously produce fresh content. Jeff Bullas has shared 27 ideas to help you brainstorm creative blog post ideas.

Bullas says, “Here are 27 strategies that will help you come up with more blog post ideas, and fill up that content calendar.

1. Mine your hobbies

I love reading posts that offer a unique perspective on a popular topic – your audience might be the same.

Make a list of hobbies and cross reference them with your industry. It’ll result in a headline like: 7 Things I Learned About [industry topic] from [your hobby].

2. Read a great book

Non-fiction books feature tons of information, studies and antidotes that you can use to brainstorm new blog post ideas”.

27 Killer Strategies for Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

Jeff Bullas’ Blog

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