When it comes to ecommerce, you cannot afford to be on Amazon. With widest network and maximum number of customers online, you can secure a sure success with a bunch of strategies.

The Search Engine Land contributor Ginny Marvin has shared three tips to help you achieve success on Amazon. These tips are based on a session delivered by Bryant Garvin at SMX West.

Marvin says, “One of the biggest differences between Amazon and Google, said Garvin, is the relationship between organic and ad optimization. The Amazon algorithm is designed to reward sales: with more sales comes more visibility. For starters, that means Amazon advertisers need to pay close attention to product detail pages because not only are these often your landing pages, but many of those details get pulled into ads as well.

Pricing, reviews, images, customer feedback, shipping speed, response rates and stocked inventory are all critical factors for Amazon sellers. Additionally, there are features unique to Amazon such as Buy Box (Add to Cart) and Prime shipping eligibility that can determine the viability and success of your ad campaigns”.

Key considerations for achieving success on Amazon

Search Engine Land

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