Your landing page lets you welcome the visitors and provides you a unique opportunity to influence them and convert more.

The Unbounce contributor Colin Loughran has shared nine creative landing page examples you may like to follow to create your own landing pages.

On what makes landing pages effective, Loughran says, “Here are a few fundamental practices of high-converting landing pages:

  • Use a clear and concise value statement (above the fold) so visitors understand the purpose of your page immediately.
  • Match your primary headline to the ad your visitor clicked to land on the page in the first place (or the button of the email CTA, for example).
  • Include social proof and testimonials to back up your claims.
  • Focus the whole page on a single offer, with just one primary call to action (CTA).
  • Use a conversion-centered layout to make your CTA stand out (think about whitespace, color, contrast, and directional cues).
  • Test new ideas using A/B testing. Sometimes what works will surprise you”.

Observe the nine landing page examples by visiting the following link.

The Best Landing Page Examples You Gotta Save for Your Swipe File


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