Your online success depends very much on how well designed your website is! The site needs to be neatly designed to deliver the right information to the visitors.

Orbit Media Solutions’ Andy Crestodina has published a video to help you improve your site by removing unnecessary components.

Crestodina says, “Although you can put everything on your website, please don’t. Here are 15 things that should never go on a website, under any circumstances.

1. Vague Headlines …we’re the best, at what?

Homepage headlines often fail to say what the business does. Instead, they offer a general statement about quality or value.

The visitor’s first question is “am I in the right place?” The headline should answer this question by explicitly stating the main business category”.

Watch the video by visiting the following link.

Fix Your Funnel: 15 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately

Orbit Media Solutions

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