Knowing about the kind of content works for you can help you to create right set of content arsenal. Google Analytics is one of the best tools that provides you with the content performance insights.

The Orbit Media Studios’ Andy Crestodina has shared a 10-step guide on using Google Analytics and Google Sheets to find your top converting content.

Crestodina says, “Your top converting articles are far more compelling than the rest. The conversion rate on the top 10 is probably 10x the average. They are your very best articles, according to your audience.

To find these champs, you’ll pull data from two reports:

  • Reverse Goal Path: This report shows the pages that visitors were on just before they converted and the total number of conversions for each.
  • All Pages: This report shows the number of views on those pages.

So we have the total conversions in one report and the unique pageviews in another. If we divide the first number by the second, we’ll have the conversion rate”.

Read the 10-step guide by visiting the following link.

Find Your Top Converting Content in 10-Steps Using Google Analytics and Google Sheets

Orbit Media Studios

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