With rising number of Internet connected devices and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technologies the ecommerce domain has a long way to go.

The Business.com contributor Jaydip Parikh has shared four ways to help you improve your ecommerce site performance.

Parikh says, “A new online seller, or a small one, finds it extremely difficult to acquire loyal customers or even make themselves seen and heard above the competition. If you’re a small-time online retailer are a few critical steps that you can take that can take you from survival to success.

Solicit public evaluation

No matter how great your marketing is, nothing can influence a consumer’s purchase more than another customer’s review. According to Pew Research, over half of your customers will check your online reviews before purchasing, yet most consumers admit that they rarely leave a review themselves. It’s your job to make sure you collect any positive recommendations from previous purchases and include them on your website”.

4 Tweaks That Can Make or Break Your E-Commerce Website


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