Video has been an essential tool for making your marketing efforts more engaging and successful. The new long-form video is proving to be another useful format that can be optimized by the marketers.

Econsultancy contributor Rebecca Sykes has shared three ways brands can get better results from their video marketing efforts.

Highlighting the role of algorithms in video marketing, Sykes says, “A recent study from Pew Research Center demonstrates that YouTube has been quietly shifting its recommendation system to favour longer videos. After watching 300,000 unique videos, the pattern they saw emerge was that YouTube’s recommendations consistently increased in length each time they recommended new content. This is no surprise, considering the multiple revenue opportunities longer form video presents to the platform, which can pepper this content with pre-, post- and mid-roll ads.

It’s tricky to make viewers sit through a 10 second ad on a 30 second video, but the value exchange is different when this small investment will lead you to 20 more minutes of content. However, it’s not just the platforms pulling the strings, the audiences are also responding positively”.

Long-form video: Brand builders should go beyond ‘snackable’ content in 2019


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