Creating quality content is the most important part of the content marketing process. Your content can be popularized with the help of search engines and a healthy following.

Copyblogger contributor Austin Mullins has shared five things on how successful content marketers improve the reach of their content.

Mullins says, “Successful content marketers don’t subscribe to the belief that “if you build it, they will come.” They often spend as much time promoting their content as they do creating it, if not more.

Large businesses often have separate roles on their marketing teams for content creation and promotion, or they supplement their in-house team with an agency to ensure each gets the proper attention.

So, what does a practical content promotion strategy look like?

#1: Begin with promotion in mind

Before you even start writing, consider these questions to tailor your content and prepare your promotion:

  • Do I have a realistic shot at ranking for search terms related to this content”.

5 Things Successful Content Marketers Do to Make Sure Their Work Gets Read


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