Email is one of the most trusted marketing tools of all time. Several other marketing tools and platforms have evolved but the popularity of email remains as it is.

Marketing Land contributor Len Shneyder has shared eight elements that make the email a winner among all marketing forms.

Shneyder says, “For those that think email is “set it and forget it,” think again. Email is alive and continues to surprise and delight. The sheer fact that for every $1 of investment there’s the potential for a $38 return should make you stop and think twice about ignoring the power of the channel. If you’re wondering what email has in store in the coming years, then take these points into consideration as you consider where to spend your marketing dollars:

Email’s growth is assured

Based on The Future of Digital Communication study, Gen Z anticipates their email usage will grow in the coming years as they enter higher education institutions and the workforce. As a matter of fact, it is the preferred channel for B2C communications, according to the findings in this study”.

Long live email: Why email’s future remains bright

Marketing Land

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