Web designs keep changing and you notice their improvement resulting from creative efforts combined with new technologies.

Econsultancy contributor Lizzy Hillier has shared six visual web design trends that we may observe in 2019.

Hillier says, “Let’s take a look at six of these trends set to make a splash this year (and don’t forget to check out Econsultancy’s User Experience and Interaction Design Guide for Mobile and Web).

1. Shapes filled with colourful gradients

This might sound weirdly specific, but bear with me. Whilst flat design is still hanging on for now, brands are beginning to warm to gradients – in particular, gradients inside abstract shapes.

Music streaming service Spotify now uses fluid shapes and colourful gradients in most of its marketing campaigns, as well as on its website and app(s). Social action marketplace Sweet has an incredibly engaging website that features a number of organic, colourful shapes that highlight information about the brand”.

Discrover other web design trends by visiting the link below.

Six visual web design trends set to be big in 2019


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