Achieving growth in sales is a goal every organization sets at the beginning of each new year and puts in the best efforts to achieve those goals. And as we know the goals set with right planning help us to make more sales.

Entrepreneur contributor Mike Schultz has shared a five-step process to help marketers set and achieve their sales goals.

Schultz says, “Now that it’s 2019, sellers, managers and leaders are busy setting goals for the year. Many tackle this with the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) goal framework. Good start, but not good enough. And SMART can also lead sellers down paths that don’t help.

Actually, achieving your sales goals requires taking it to the next step.

Step 1: Set meaningful goals.

People don’t achieve goals unless the goals are meaningful to them. Sure, every seller has a quota for this year, but so what? If you want to maximize your motivation to achieve the goals, you must know why achieving it is important to you. To do that, go beyond your one-year quota-focused goal.

  • A big picture goal: Do you want to join the fatFIRE movement at 47? Buy a vineyard?”.

Use This 5-Step Process to Set and Achieve Your Sales Goals


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