Wildfire Concepts headed by Cindy Donovan has found a way for you to engage with experienced online marketers to get them to promote your quality content.

These marketers will happily send high quality real trackable traffic to you by sharing your content. The system is based on a collective cross-promotion group called Traffic Ivy.

The result of this cross promotion is that more people see your content and the content of others in the cooperative, which should lead to a surge in profits and sales for everyone involved.

The launch of this new traffic promotion system is underway. You can check it out here: Traffic Ivy.

Traffic Ivy is a new SaaS based platform where social media marketers, video marketers, bloggers, website owners, ecom store owners and other online business owners in your niche work with and for each other to generate more leads, sales and profits. Your results are based on two things:
1. The quality of your content. The better it is, the more other members will want to promote it.
2. The incentive you offer to those who promote for you. You can offer “points” to other marketers when they promote. They can then use these points to get others to promote for them.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create Your Traffic Ivy.Account

Step 2: Login and specify where to send your traffic using your traffic points. How do you get points? Three ways:
a. When you sign up, you get an allocation of points
b. You earn points by promoting the content of others. For example, this : post about SEO earned us 5 points, while providing excellent content for our readers.
c. You can buy additional points for when you want to have a special article to promote or when you run out.

Step 3: Simply create a traffic campaign with the content you want shared. Quality is king. Perhaps, some members will promote anything for enough points, but the highest quality websites, such as IM NewsWatch, will be on the lookout for helpful content that their readers will want to read.

It’s a simple process, and you will find it easy. Spend 30 minutes a day searching for good content, and 30 minutes creating good content, and traffic should no longer be an issue for you.

When your content is picked up by other marketers, your campaigns will be spread across the network of WordPress blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn pages and YouTube accounts and start getting traffic right away.

Here’s an important feature of Traffic Ivy. You can track and rate your traffic: As your shares are being delivered, you’ll be given links directly to the page where your content can be seen, then you can rate that traffic making sure only the best sites stay active.

Click here to see this new traffic system in full action and also check out the bonuses that are included: Traffic Ivy.

But there’s one thing to be aware of:

To maintain high quality of the platform, Traffic Ivy will be maintained by a team of professional marketers and designers.

That means they will need to hire more people as more members join. And to do they plan to to turn Traffic Ivy from a one-time fee model to a recurring monthly fee model, so they can afford these additional workers.

So, as soon as this launch ends, new customers will have to pay a recurring monthly fee.
Avoid that by acting now: Traffic Ivy.

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