If you have been marketing online for a while, you may know the name of Cindy Donovan. She and her team have created many ueful tools for online marketers, such as:
Covert Commissions

Donovan has just released Traffic Ivy, software designed to get you real traffic for free any time you need it.

There is nothing to download or install because Traffic Ivy is “Software as a Service” (SaaS, for short).

All you need to do is login to Traffic Ivy to create and publish ads in multiple media formats, ads that invite traffic to your site.

When you publish your ad, you will have your choice of:

► Articles displayed on the Traffic Ivy network of niche blogs. The network of blogs is still growing, so you can expect the value of your posts to grow, too.
► Banners displayed across hundreds of blogs and websites
► Facebook posts on real people’s Facebook pages/groups and walls
► Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit posts on genuine accounts
► Videos uploaded to a wide diversity of real YouTube accounts

The many locations for your ad posts and the variety of post types make the backlinks you receive especially powerful.

And the process is simple enough for a beginner. Check out this new (and guaranteed) solution for your traffic needs here: Traffic Ivy.

By the way, Donovan has published this on Clickbank. Our browser gives a warning message whenever we go to an offer on Clickbank, this offer or any other one. Clickbank is a reputable online merchant. There is no risk in clicking on this link. Some over-zealous visitor (or perhaps a competitor of Clickbank) falsely reported the site or a database of risky sites.