As an experienced marketer online, you probably know that the ‘Google’s Speed Update’ to their ranking algorithm rolled out July 9 2018.

If you are a consultant to local businesses, that provides a new business opportunity for you. And it could be a start of a long-term relationship with local businesses.

This new Google algorithm uses Mobile loading speed to help determine a site’s ranking in the search results. You may know that already, but most local businesses don’t, and even if they did know it:
1. They don’t know how their site performs
2. They don’t know how to fix the problems they have.

That’s why this is a big opportunity to help local businesses. Get paid to identify the problems and then to fix them. And this could be the first of many problems you could solve for them. If they like your work here, they could hire you to help them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Nick Ponte, Tom Gaddis, and Paul Jones have created a new tool fo you to use to find website speed problems and sell a solution to speed up the site. They call their new tool Site Speed Profits.

This new tool is built around software called Speed Sniffer Software. It can search for prospects and run a speed report on their site.

Then use their proven, tested email templates to contact the prospects. Their ‘Slow as a Turtle’ sites are costing them in their ranking, in calls their store receives, in website visitors and paying customers. They need to fix this, and you can help them.

Use their included sales process to sign them up as paying customers.

There are two ways, you can deliver the improvements the report recommends:
a. Use the instructions included in Site Speed Profits to make the changes yourself.
b. Outsource the work. The directions suggest a vendor you can outsource to, the same vendor that the product cretors use. But find your own vender if you prefer.

There are lot more guides and instructions included to assure you have everything you need to make this business great.

You can get the whole story, and if it is right for you, get your own copy, here: Site Speed Profits

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