Advertising on Facebook is one of the easiest and rewarding promotional methods. With the freedom to set your budgetary requirements Facebook lets you reach out to millions of its audience.

Digital Marketing Institute contributor Clodagh O’Brien has published a 7-step guide to help marketers advertise on Facebook.

Here’s what says on audience targeting.

You know the age and perhaps even the lifestyle of your chosen demographic, but you can do better. Facebook allows you to really hone in on the specific market you’re looking for. Geographically, you can even target certain locations, which is a huge plus if you’ve got a local business and you’re trying to drive more traffic within your town, city, or general region.

You can even tweak your advertising based on specific parameters, like whether you’re getting additional interaction from people looking at your business Facebook page or your Instagram business profile. You can even start moving on other potential customers who have interests related to your primary demographic

To read complete guide, please follow the link below.

The Beginner’s Guide to Advertising on Facebook

Digital Marketing Institute

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