The Martech Today team has published a report titled ‘7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns’. The report aims at helping the marketers to cultivate new ideas for the b2b marketing campaigns.

Martech team says, “Creating unique campaigns that capture your prospect’s imaginations requires constant innovation and a little bit of inspiration, too! From microsites to podcasts to webinars, these seven examples demonstrate how to infuse creativity into every part of your digital marketing campaigns, while driving engagement and conversions.

Take a peek at what some of the top brands are doing right, and learn how you can:

  • Make your blogs and microsites pop with outstanding imagery
  • Give your social media a makeover
  • Put together creative slide decks for more visually engaging webinars
  • Drive click-through rates with clever, user-friendly design”.
7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

Martech Today

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