With the rise of connected devices and the expansion of AI, digital advertising has become more impactful and targeted.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Katherine Hays has shared six advertising trends that we need to consider in 2019.

Hays says, “Here are some of the trends to be aware of heading into the New Year.

AI in advertising

We have seen huge growth in targeted advertising, where the message is made to fit the viewer. For years, the quest for advertisers has been to ensure that their message is really hitting its mark. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and its associated technologies, can help do that. AI helps eliminate the guesswork in targeted advertising. With access to relevant information about a cohort (or even an individual audience member), advertisers can ensure that messages that aren’t effective, or that work against a brand’s positioning, don’t get through.

In addition, AI will likely help engineer a major upgrade in programmatic advertising”.

Advertising Trends You Should Consider in 2019


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