With a huge user base Gmail is one of the best platforms to put your targeted ads.

Search Engine Land contributor Jacob Baadsgaard has published a guide to help marketers make most out of their Gmail advertising.

Baadsgaard says, “Email marketers love to brag about how email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing mediums. But what if you don’t happen to have tens of thousands of emails on hand? Or what if you want to get into the inboxes of new potential customers without…you know, breaking the law?

Gmail ads: A quick overview

If you’ve never given Gmail ads a try (or it’s been a while), Gmail ads show up as sponsored messages in Gmail users’ inboxes. Like every ad on Google, they show up with a little green “Ad” tag, but they otherwise look like a new unread message at the top of a user’s inbox”.

A quick and dirty guide to winning with Gmail ads

Search Engine Land

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