Email marketing requires continuous growth in the subscriptions. But many a times we do face the unsubscribes too. It could be due to variety of reasons.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Kevin George has shared seven ways to help marketers reduce their unsubscribe rate.

George says, “While unsubscribes have some benefits, your goal likely still is to reduce the number of recipients who opt out. Here are some ways to do that.

Segment your list

Segment your subscriber list based on relevant parameters like age, gender, educational qualification, job designation, purchase history, and pages browsed. Segmentation helps you to send tailor-made emails according to the preferences of the subscriber. That personalization reduces the likelihood the recipient will think of the emails as irrelevant to them.

TIP: Send personalized offers that give a feeling of exclusivity to the subscribers and make them feel special”.

How to Deal With the Blasphemy of Email Unsubscribes

Content Marketing Institute

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