Social media has its own important place when it comes to doing business today. You need to get acquainted with its concepts such as influencer marketing as these are the new capabilities that social media platforms have brought to us.

To help marketers win more often in social media advertising, Marketing Land contributor Penny Wilson has shared five strategies.

Wilson says, “A good first step to getting noticed in 2019 is to recognize ad money has to be combined with the equivalent investment in time, creativity and targeting savvy. Here are five ways I’d recommend upping your social advertising game in 2019.

  1. Stand out from the crowd: Gone are the days of ads thrown against the wall of a newsfeed to see what sticks. Instead, look to brands like Netflix and Spotify for inspiration. They are leading the charge with social ads that are both personalized and entertaining. Brands that respect and engage customers as individuals will see real ROI. The end goal is to generate engagement. Don’t waste time and money broadcasting an ad at an indeterminate audience. Which brings me to my next point”.

While these tips were written with large companies in mind, they apply to marketers of all sizes. To read all five of the recommendations for improving your use of social media, check out this post:

Here’s how brands can leverage social investment returns in 2019

Marketing Land

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