The Internet has offered new dimensions to the brands to reach out newer marketers and enhance their sales. With the emergence of search engine advertising, we found an ocean with no boundaries.

And as the social media came in, the things have turned even broader.

Econsultancy columnist Rob Weatherhead has shared an article highlighting the impact and advantages of social media advertising.

Talking about the advantages of social advertising, Weatherhead says, “There are a number of ways the social media platforms have either an inbuilt advantage over search engines or have built them into their advertising models.

The first is their inherent access to a user’s contact details. Your social media of choice has a first name, second name, email address, phone number and other details saved against your profile.  Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin have cleverly used this to allow for the auto-fill of enquiry forms reducing the friction of enquiring and making it a one click process for their users”.

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