The MarketingSherpa team has published a podcast on ‘Mobile: Device or segment?’.

The podcast addresses the mobile and the ways you can enhance your marketing with it.

Talking about the podcast says, “Mobile marketing is a hot topic, but don’t just think about it in terms of technology. Or usability.

As with any other human communication mechanism — from the caveman grunt to the printing press to the secret handshake to the telegraph, radio, email, you name it — using the mechanism correctly is just table stakes. It’s all in the nuance of how you use it.

To illustrate my point, I give you Og and Zog. When Og first learned to grunt to Zog, I’m sure his initial focus was the mechanism for communicating, learning how to make the grunting sound in his mouth. But when Og realized that a high grunt would put a smile on Zog’s face while a low grunt would cause anger, ah, then complex human communication was truly born”.

Mobile: Device or segment?


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