The Forbes contributor Jeff Fromm has published a n article titled ‘Marketing Convenience To The Modern Consumer’.

As the title suggests the article aims at informing the brands on how they could be more successful by service the customers in right manner.

Highlighting today’s customers’ expectations, Fromm says, “Today, Millennial and Gen-Z customers play by a different set of rules and expectations.  Driven by technology and an on-demand culture, younger generations of consumers have grown up with media and services that are available at the push of a button, anytime and anyplace.  You can call this the Amazon Effect or just what modern consumers expect from top-tier modern brands.

This isn’t a concept that’s in the distant future, it’s happening now.  Millennials generally prefer not getting in a car to pick something up if cost and product availability are equal”.

Read the full article on Forbes website.

Marketing Convenience To The Modern Consumer


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