Pop-up windows help us get the data from website visitors at various points of their visits. A timely appearance of the pop-up can improve the possibilities of visitors submitting their data on our sites.

Econsultancy columnist Mike Austin has shared three ways to help marketers correctly use the pop-ups for collecting useful  data from their website visitors.

Austin says, “Pop-ups that are set, like clockwork, to pop up on the screen to anyone and everyone are not only ineffective but also irritating. Consumers immediately look for the “X” button to close them out, or worse, leave the website altogether.

It’s equivalent to walking into a store and the first thing that happens is the clerk asks for your phone number. It is a clear missed opportunity for the retailer, and can lead to a reputation of being intrusive.

However, let’s be clear that data capture pop-ups and banners are an essential tool in a marketer’s toolbox – they just have to be approached strategically. Here are some techniques retailers can implement to organically acquire valuable customer data – email addresses and beyond”.

How to get the dreaded pop-up right (& capture precious customer data)