Voice was assumed to be the next driver of ecommerce but the things do not show the promising situation around. Econsultancy’s Patricio Robles has reported that only two percent of the Amazon Alexa-powered devices have made purchases using voice this holiday season.

Robles has also highlighted some other facts about the state of voice and its business impacts.

Talking about the state of voice, Robles says, “Beyond the fact that usage of voice-based devices is increasing in percentage terms, one of the best ways to assess the market is to look at how consumers are interacting with voice the most. Here, an interesting trend is emerging.

According to Amazon, many of the top Alexa skills are games and those that aren’t are “focused on daily habits, wellness, and…family fun.” As TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez noted, across all of these categories, many of the top Skills “are known app names from the mobile app ecosystem, rather than breakout hits that are unique to Alexa or smart speakers.”

For example, top game Skills include Heads Up!, the Alexa version of a top paid iOS app associated with television personality Ellen DeGeneres”.

Despite holiday gains, the future of voice is uncertain


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